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We Only Offer 2 Programs Per Year

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​Full ​program components and investment below.

Don't Miss this Opportunity!
We Only Offer 2 Programs Per Year
The 5-Month Program:

Month 1:
Learning and Baseline Labs

Month 2 to 4:
90 Days Program

Month 5:
Follow-up Labs and

Continuing Support!

Typical week:

New Video Learning Module

Live Expert Group Learning and Question & Answer

Live Expert Food Strategies Small Group Question & Answer

Live Extra Support Options (Group Plus One on One)

Live Group Social and Behavioral 
Strategy Sessions

Live Remote Support (Mobile App, Email, SMS Text)

Caring and Support So Powerful, 
We Don't Let You Fail!

E4 Diabetes Solutions
A.L.I.V.E. Simple Steps Program Components
Core PreDiabetes
(Other program support options available,
we customize the program to your needs.)

Analysis, Testing, and Baseline Labs (Month 1)

90 Days A.L.I.V.E. Learning, Implementation and Support (Month 3-5)

Analysis, Testing, and Follow-up Labs (Month 5)

​20% Early Bird Discount And Extended Payment Plan
if you apply by ​October 31

Our pre-diabetes program is tailored to your situation. 

​Extended Payment Plan available Now:
6 or 7 Monthly Payments

Monthly Payments Typically Vary from $426 to $797
Additional options are available based on your needs.

We will review everything together on a one on one call.

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Zero Risk Application Process:

  • First, you apply for the program with a $197 deposit.
  • Next, we review your history and start customizing the program for you!
  • Then we review all the options in a detailed one-on-one call.
  • If for some reason we find out you might not be a good fit or if you are not excited about continuing, we refund 100% of your deposit.
  • If all is good, the deposit is applied towards the program investment and we continue!

Plus Guaranteed Results:
With prediabetes the result goals are more than just A1c. After the lab-review meeting we agree on a plan that works for you and helps you reach your goals. If you follow the agreed plan and you don’t get the results in the 90 days, then we continue working with you for another 90 days at no extra cost!


Participant Jon McMahon

California, 2018 

“The most intensive, comprehensive,
type 2 diabetes reversal program
out there, period, end of statement,
as you know I scoured the world for
the best .. and it is something I needed…”

​Reversed diabetes and pre-diabetes!
From A1C of 7.2 to 4.9! And Thriving!

Participant Maureen O'Keefe.
New Jersey, 2018.

"When I saw my A1c of 5.4, I could not believe it! Just in the blink of an eye, and the weight just melted off without thinking about it”

Reversed pre-diabetes! Lost 44 Lbs!

Participant BL

Florida, 2017 

“Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your program, It's the best thing that ever happened to me, and my way of eating has changed forever and I am grateful for your support."

Note: To protect identity, image is representative of participant.

Why do we ask for a deposit?

We want to make sure you are committed to making changes in your health and willing to invest the time and resources to achieve it.

There is no risk for the 100% refundable deposit and it shows us you are serious about wanting a better life right now.

We will likewise spend as much time with you as needed to review your history, individual situation and any questions and concerns about the program.

Since we customize the program to you and your individual needs and goals, optional additional labs and concierge support is also available.

All the options will be explained and reviewed during this no-risk application process.

You have nothing to lose. No risk. No pressure.
And it all starts with just a conversation...

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Or if you are the 'let me look on my own' type of person,
you can review the full program details and FAQ below:
Click Here for our main program information page.

We aim to support you in whatever way works best for you... 
The E4 Diabetes Solutions Team

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