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Santiago V., Chicago, IL

“My Dr. said, ‘Your A1c is now at 10 and we want to put you on Insulin’ … I said I am not going to let this beat me and I reached out for help…” 

After only four months of being on the A.L.I.V.E. program, a complete transformation: no Insulin, A1c down from 10.0 to 7.2, fasting glucose at 110 down from 250, lost 15 lbs, from size 38 to 34.


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  • Insulin Resistance: Very High
  • A1c: 9.5
  • Fasting Glucose: 250
  • Weight: 185 Lbs
  • BMI: 30 - Obese
  • Medications Prescribed: Insulin, Januvia, Metformin.
  • Medications Taking: Metformin

90 days >
  • Insulin Resistance: Improved
  • A1c: 7.3 - Down 2.2
  • Fasting Glucose: 83 - Down 167
  • Weight: 170 - Down 15 lbs
  • BMI: 27.4 - No Longer Obese
  • Medications Taking: No Change

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“I am so happy that I tried this program because it works!”
"I've dropped two waist sizes and 35 lbs, my latest A1c is 6.2 down from a high of 8.4"
"When I saw my A1c of 5.4, I could not believe it! Just in the blink of an eye..."

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