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Dr. Ashwani Garg, MD.

Dr. Ashwani Garg, MD.

Understanding Diabetes Related Medications and Side Effects

And what you can do about it

John Vargas Eddy

E4 Diabetes Solutions

​Author, medical researcher,
complex systems expert and
Director of Diabetes Programs.

Dr. Ashwani Garg, MD.

Dr. Ashwani Garg, MD. is a lifestyle medicine and family medicine physician who has been in private practice for over 13 years. He integrates nutrition and mind/body wellness into treatment plans to achieve optimal results.

During the video we will be covering:

  • Understand what A1c really means.
  • Find out how diabetes medications work and what are the side effects and costs.
  • Comparing medications versus lifestyle.
  • Ways in which E4 Diabetes Solutions can support you.