Dr. Michael Greger M.D.

Diabetes and Research Studies
Where Double Blind Placebo Controlled Trials Fail Us

Dr. Michael Greger, MD – Part 1

Dr. Michael Greger, MD – Part 2

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Dr. Michael Greger M.D.

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During the video we will be covering:

  • Part 1 of the interview – Why don’t we hear more about lifestyle research and studies?
  • Dr. Greger reviews how the current research system is biased against lifestyle studies but they can still be very valid. Learn why small size studies can be very valid and how organizations that want to discredit lifestyle approaches use selection measures to exclude important research from meta-analysis and reports.
  • Part 2 of the Interview – Comparing in detail the medical approach to diabetes and lifestyle approaches
  • Dr. Greger explores the current standard of care via the medical approach including recommendations from the American Diabetes Association for dietary changes and how to look at them in context of all the options available for diabetes.

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