Jon McMahon

Can you really go from out of control diabetes to optimal health?

Join me for L.I.V.E. Q&A about my complete transformation on the E4 Diabetes Solutions Program.

Bonus Learning and Case Study Videos for You!

Jon McMahon’s Case Study Videos

Jon’s Story – Part 1
Jon McMahon – His journey with E4 Diabetes Solutions – At the beginning …

Jon’s Story – Part 2
Jon McMahon – His journey with E4 Diabetes Solutions – Follow Up Labs, In-depth analysis, insulin resistance, pancreas strength.

​Jon’s Story Part 3 – ​Heart Attack Risk, Neuropathy and what’s next.

​Jon’s Story Part 4 – From severe neuropathy and out of control diabetes to optimal blood sugar levels! What does optimal look like?

John Vargas Eddy

E4 Diabetes Solutions

​Author, medical researcher,
complex systems expert and
Director of Diabetes Programs.

Dr. Wes Youngberg DrPH

Dr. Wes Youngberg, DrPH, M.P.H., C.N.S.

Internationally recognized expert researcher

on diabetes and functional medicine practitioner with proven

patient case studies of diabetes reversal.

Jon Mc Mahon

Producer and Host iThrive Documentary Series

We will be covering:

  • Jon McMahon’s Journey
  • Before and After Latest Labs
  • Jon’s insulin resistance
  • Ways in which E4 Diabetes Solutions can support you