Key Presentations, Topics, and Inspiration

From the Diabetes Perspectives Summits

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Key Presentations, Topics, and Inspiration

From the 2017 Diabetes Perspectives Summit


John Vargas Eddy

Dr. Wes Youngberg interviews John about the summit, John shares how he was on a path towards diabetes, made the changes in his own life and and how you can apply this information in your life.

John Vargas Eddy,co-founder of E4 Diabetes Solutions, driven by his vision of a world where everyone lives natural, healthy, ethically sustainable and spiritual lives, John has organized this summit and introduces new perspectives, research and evidence that supports the possibility of reversing diabetes and attaining optimal vitality.

Can diabetes really be reversed? Find out about the lab testing needed to answer the question in addition to patient case studies of successful reversal.

Dr. Wes Youngberg explores whether age is a factor, if being on insulin affects possibilities for reversal, and whether it is only for special cases or it is a more general possibility.

Dr. Wes Youngberg, DrPH, M.P.H., C.N.S. Internationally recognized expert researcher on diabetes and functional medicine practitioner with proven patient case studies of diabetes reversal.

Dr. Youngberg

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