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From the Diabetes Perspectives Summits

Dr. Neal Barnard, MD.

Explore food addictions, diabetes, and how the disease can be reversed with lifestyle and medical approaches. You might have known about sugar, but did you know that there are other very potent addictive foods? Learn today what you can do to combat these.

Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D, president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, clinical researcher and author, principal investigator of clinical research trials on diabetes.


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Part 1 of the interview - Medical or Lifestyle approach to diabetes, which is more effective?
If the only solution to diabetes is insulin shots, not many people would disagree that we’re headed on a downward spiral. The good news is, there are better options than insulin shots and Dr. Neal Barnard gives us some insights on why lifestyle changes are better.
Part 2 of the Interview - Food Addictions, more than you thought
Biologically, food addictions are caused more or less the same way as drug addictions and they exert similar power for us to crave them and keep coming back for more even though we may know they are unhealthy.