Our Team:

Marty Davey

Marty Davey, MS, RD, LDN, our staff registered dietitian who has been doing diabetes and weight management research for 12 years. She holds a Masters degree in Food and Dietitetics.

Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis, R.D, an internationally known dietitian who has written books considered the cornerstones of healthy eating and optimal wellness. She is a world renowned expert on nutrition and diabetes.

John Vargas Eddy

John Vargas Eddy, a medical researcher, complex systems expert and organizer of the Diabetes Perspectives Summit, founded E4 Diabetes Solutions with a vision of reversing chronic diseases.

Jennifer Leary

Jennifer Leary, Jennifer is an integrative nutrition health coach who has been encouraging and guiding others on their health journeys for over ten years. Her passion is helping others to better enjoy life using plants (and food) as medicine.

Nancy Rodriguez

Nancy Rodriguez, RN, BSN, CDE, has been a nurse for over 30 years and a board certified diabetes educator for over 20. She received recognition from the American Association of Diabetes Educators for her record of successful patient outcomes.

Dr. Wes Youngberg

Dr. Wes Youngberg, DrPH, M.P.H., C.N.S. an expert in lifestyle medicine, is a sought after lecturer on insulin resistance and diabetes and has over 25 years of clinical experience with diabetes.

Dr. Ashwani Garg

Dr. Ashwani Garg, MD. is a lifestyle medicine and family medicine physician who has been in private practice for over 13 years. He integrates nutrition and mind/body wellness into treatment plans to achieve optimal results.

Courtney Pool

Courtney Pool has over 12 years experience coaching in nutrition and is an expert at healing the emotional side of eating and food addiction.

Nancy Wilson

Nancy Wilson, MBA, MA, INHC, LMC, is a life coach and group facilitator specializing in empowering individuals to overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors. She holds Masters degrees in Finance and Human Potential.