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Bobbie Jo’s Story Part IV: Reasons…or Results?

“I have a million reasons to reach for the nuts…

My back is hurting.

I have no energy.

I’m tired!

We have guests coming and they must eat.

My husband is working late and I need a snack before dinner.”

Every day, it’s something else. And if you let these private narratives continue, they will convince you that you must snack or eat not-so-good things.


A mentor of many years past once said, “You either have reasons, or you have results.”


If we live out of our reasons and blame our external world, we become victims of those circumstances. We lose the power to change. We fall into automatic reactions and habits.


I’m not saying that straying from the path from time to time won’t happen.


Because it is going to happen. Healing from diabetes is not about perfection.


But our resolve to be healed must be greater than our need for immediate gratification.


Eating a handful of nuts may give pleasure (and stimulate the addictive dopamine brain pathway) for a few moments, but there will be a price to be paid. Eventually the body will present its bill.


Violate the laws of nature enough times, and you’re looking at a serious problem.

Sugar-laden cells. Weakened pancreas. High blood glucose. Neuropathy. Retinopathy. Cardiac compromise. Kidney issues.

Visualize the positive, and very real, results of staying on the path.

I love that feeling when my jeans fit snug and slim.


I love the knowledge that my eyes are healthy and I don’t need another laser treatment or injection.


I love my toes when they are just…. toes… with no tingling.


I love having the flexibility to bend and move and take care of my cats, dog and horses.


We must celebrate the good and continuously move toward the light.


Every day is a new opportunity to do the right thing.

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