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Kathy’s Story : Journey Toward Kidney Health Part 2

“Since I did my last blog entry, I have continued to make good progress in my fight against diabetes. Although I can’t claim to have reversed diabetes, I can tell you that very recent lab work showed my A1c level has now fallen to 6.5, which is just above the mark at which one is considered to be diabetic. ”

The best news, however, is that my GFR is now officially at 30, up from 17. This means that I am now considered to have Stage 3 kidney disease, instead of Stage 4. I have also now lost 43 pounds because of the plant-based eating plan. This is truly amazing to me since I have struggled with weight issues my entire adult life. I sincerely believe that if I continue to eat in the E4 A.L.I.V.E. Program prescribed way, I can actually get to a healthy weight and maintain it. I have also been able to cut some of my medications in half, including blood pressure medication and statins.



I do not mean to indicate that my journey to health is in any way complete. I still have a long way to go in terms of healing my kidneys. I am still injecting some basal insulin, although the amount is now down to 12 units a night. I am hoping to get off injected insulin entirely in the next few months. Being patient enough to allow these changes to occur is one of my challenges, but I try to remind myself of how far I have already managed to travel on this road to healing.



On a personal note, I decided to continue my involvement with the E4 A.L.I.V.E. Program because the level of support offered by the group is truly one of the key factors in whatever success I have experienced. The way in which they have continued to support me nutritionally, medically, emotionally and socially has been a huge contributor to my ability to make these lifestyle changes.



In May I am going on a European cruise with my sister. I am looking forward to this vacation and to spending time with my sister. What makes this cruise extra meaningful is that last May I had to cancel a cruise because I was in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. My health is so much better now that I feel I can get back to doing all the things I love to do, such as traveling. I will be forever grateful to the E4 A.L.I.V.E program for helping me along this healing journey.

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